The Dosnoventa Crew headed to NYC to get in some riding, show off their frames, and compete in the Red Hook Crit. They have dropped several teaser before this video and my personal favorite was a teaser I place below this article of them getting rowdy at a local bar and getting thrown out. I was waiting in that teaser for someone to punch another person in the face. We are losing our violent tendencies as we evolve and it is starting to piss me off. I have finally realized that this is why people are becoming so mouthy. You have dealt with these people. They are at your work. They are the friend in the group that no one really likes. They are the random people at bars, in a restaurant, or at the grocery store. You know them, you have seen them. That fat lady arguing with the cashier at the grocery store holding up the line. That drunken ass at the bar hitting on your girlfriends friend. The guy you work with who harasses you for everything. You know the guy, the one who watches you do something, and then explains why their way of doing it is better. These people are able to get away with this because we no longer punch people in the face. The only time we even see a fight anymore is when 2 drunk guys collide. They are both looking to get in a fight, so it takes all the fun out of it. The best part about punching someone in the face has to be their surprise when you do. It is ten time more enjoyable when someone doesn’t think you are going to hit them. Even better is the “bitch slap”. What has happened with the bitch slap? I think everyday you should be able to bitch slap 1 person. Just one, we don’t need to be greedy. We need to pass this law. You can slap one person a day without prosecution or a lawsuit. Now if you exceed your 1 person a day quota you have to pay a penalty. On the opposite end, if you can’t find a person to slap one day, that slap can be rolled over like cell phone minutes to be used on a later day. People would watch their mouths a little more if they had the fear in the back of their minds that while they were mouthing off a random person could run up and smack them. We also need to incorporate a way to smack people in other states. Like flowers are delivered, but instead you can send a slap. We could call it Send a Slap, or SAS for short. Imagine when you some dumb celebrity on tv or in a magazine, like when that Rob guy from those vampire movies took his cheating girlfriend back, you could send him a slap. When someone uploads an annoying youtube video instead of clicking the thumbs down button you could click the slap button. When someone posts a stupid tweet, or an idiotic facebook update, the slap count might go through the roof! Imagine posting something on facebook and getting a notification that reads, “37 people have sent you a slap.” Someone cuts you off. Looks at you funny, laughs at you, votes for Romney, send a slap. I know there is no way this could ever become a law, but maybe if we all embraced it, we could make this thing happen. Please, for the love of God, and all that is Holy, start slapping people. Just once to see how it feels. You might be able to enjoy the rest of your life with the memory of slapping just one annoying person. You might sleep better at night. Stress less. The world might seem a little brighter.