WOLF DRAWN MATT SPENCER hooked Congo up on this edit. Damn that shit was hard. I am sure you thought this very next statement when you watched this video; how many fucking bikes does Congo own? Did you notice how many different bikes he is riding in this edit? I did, and it was a decent amount. Enough for me to notice. Justin “Congo” Mitchell is a big dude, maybe he breaks frames more than the average rider? Maybe he just keeps getting new frames and rides them. Maybe he just did it to fuck with our subconscious so halfway through the edit your mind gets blown. Maybe it is all of those things? I am not really sure to be honest, but I will make something up. Congo is testing out the prototype “Mood” frame in this edit. What’s the “Mood” frame you might ask? Well since fixed gear companies have been dropping new concept frames, like Pure Fix and their glow in the dark frame, someone had to up the ante. That man was Congo. Using the same technology used in a Mood Rings, Congo traveled to the Congo (that is how he got the nickname), and after following a local tribes right of passage he was granted the sacred Mood Ring Crystals not seen since the second Indiana Jones Movie. Congo melted these crystals down and created a frame from them. He is not a talkative guy, so he figured a bike that would change colors to reflect his mood might help stop the local razor scooter kids from his local skate park from trying to start conversations with him. It works just like a Mood Ring, each color has a mood associated with it. I was able to get him to send me a chart of the different colors and there meanings, please see below.

Mood Frame Color Chart –

Green = Frustration : this is caused when Congo attempts a trick for hours and still cannot land it. His bike also turned this color one other time when he found out that the show “Terra Nova” was getting cancelled.

Blue = Fearless : this is when Congo decides that he is going to go for an insane trick that might kill him. It also changes this color every time he orders 2 burrito bowls from Chipotle for brunch.

White = Deep in thought : this is when Congo gets really tech on a trick. Those types of tricks require a lot of deep thought. It also turns this color when Congo has to do anything that requires him to spell his own name correctly. Little known fact, you actually get 500 points for spelling your name correctly on the SAT’s.

Black = In the Sun all Day : This is a weird color because it doesn’t relate to Congo’s mood, but instead his skin color. For some reason when Congo gets a nice base tan going his bike darkens also. The only other time it turns black is when he rides by a red door.

Red = Happy thoughts : This is when Congo is going for a huge gap and need to carry a lot of distance. He has to think is his head over and over again happy thoughts so he can fly over or beyond the landing. His bike also turns this color every time he sees Antonyo Wothe or wears a TTv Blog T-Shirt.