God Damn It! I love Pk Rippers! For those of you that don’t know; some could argue that the SE PK Ripper was the first real FGFS bike. SE dropped the PK Ripper 700c fixed gear a couple of years ago, they gave a BMX geometry to a fixed gear bike, and lone behold a couple years later every company has some FGFS bike that is basically a bigger BMX bike with a fixed rear wheel. SE has always held it down for BMX, and Rob Carp is holding it down for the old school riders. Rob’s style brought me back, and I miss this shit. I have a fondness for these types of edits because every rider was doing something different. Every rider had their own way of riding a fixed gear, and the video edits reflected their personalities. With FGFS sometimes it feels like it is the same edit over and over again. Some guys riding to some thugged out rap song; grinds a couple ledges, maybe a bar spin out. Throw in the epic roof drop. Add a dash of flat ground 360’s. Sprinkle a wheelie or two, and you got yourself a FGFS edit. The edits people like Rob put out have their own personality. We feel like we know Rob a little better now. We want to buy Rob a beer. We want to help Rob get even with his cheating whore of an ex girlfriend. How do I know she is a whore? Because all of our ex girlfriends are whores; it’s science. Rob gets extra love for riding the PK Ripper. People hate on that bike now. I don’t know why, maybe because part of being cool is you gotta hate on something. Maybe they aren’t getting enough pussy. That is probably it, and here is why. Guys get really unmotivated after sex. You know, you’ve been there. After a wild romp the last thing we want to do is deal with anything. We are too exhausted and content to hate on anything. Ever seen a guy who isn’t getting laid? All that stored up sperm has turned them into a madman. They are bouncing off the walls with energy, and they hate everything. Everything annoys them. Why? They are not getting any pussy. You have this friend. The guy you go to bars with who always complains about all the other dudes in the bar. He calls all of the girls in the bar sluts. He doesn’t mean it. He just knows in the back of his mind that he is going home alone. Enjoy this video and then go out an get some pussy. You will feel better I promise. Next time you get laid I want you to try this out for yourself. Next time you “park the car in the garage”, “Part the red sea”, “Feed the Kitty”, “Glaze the Doughnut”, “spear the bearded clam”, “thread the needle”, or do “two-person push ups” I want you immediately afterwords to try and think about something you hate……nothing right? Get some pussy, you no pussy getting haters!