Their hasn’t been a lot of videos dropping lately in the fixed gear world. Partly because people are traveling, and partly because it is cold out there. When winter hits it takes a while for people to get adjusted to the days getting shorter, and the cold weather. We lock ourselves inside more. Since we are locked inside and we need to pass the time, why not enjoy Line Of Sight, Lucas Brunelle’s masterpiece. He filmed this over the course of 10 years. You need to buy this video. It’s a great film to have in the stacks, but since it is cold outside, their is nothing new dropping, and because somebody uploaded the movie in its entirety on YOUTUBE, might as well give it a watch. I have no idea how this is on youtube without some form of copy-write issue, but here it is. Nothing makes a cold winter evenings or mornings pass by quicker than watching Austin Horse rip through the streets of Manhattan during an illegal Alley Cat Race. Enjoy.