Charles Rosner, a renowned advertiser and marketer from the 60s wrote “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. I have heard people use this phrase over and over again. I have never used it myself, but tonight after watching this video I think it is time. Ever Googled “fixed gear Granada”? I did, and the only thing that came up were these guys. Why is that important? Because, I highly doubt that these guys are the only people in Granada that are riding fixed gears. They are however the only guys currently putting out footage of fixed gear riding in Granada. What’s my point? Quick back story. The other day I was on twitter. The only time I check twitter is when I am smoking. It gives me something to do…while smoking. I read a tweet that said, “there is not enough content to have a 100% fixed gear blog.” At first I shrugged it off, because we at fixiefamous, and about 50 other blogs are 100% fixed gear blogs. Already the statement had some holes to it. I still thought about it deeper, because when someone has balls big enough to claim they know what is and what isn’t possible for the world I have to cut em deep. I thought about the beginning of the statement, “there is not enough content…” Why isn’t there enough content? Do blog viewers really need 8 posts a day? Is there a quota for the amount of content a blog must post in a day? I didn’t get my BA in Blogging, so it could be possible that I do not know enough about the blogging world and it’s requirements. I do know that content has to be created. Which means that people need to get off their asses and film shit so we have content. Riders have to take time out to get some clips, and then more time out to edit it up. Instead of bitching that there isn’t enough content, why not add some? Yes, I know it takes time. Yes, I know it is hard work. It is hard work to create; it is a hell of a lot easier to tear-down.

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

“The lack of creation is caused by fear. We are a society that mocks creation while never creating anything ourselves.”

– Dante Yore

“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.”
– Albert Einstein

If you feel there is not enough content, MAKE SOME CONTENT! Go out and produce something. Next week, if there is not enough content, PRODUCE MORE! Complaining about a lack of fixed gear content is the equivalent to complaining that you have no money in you bank account. When you are running low on money what do you do? You go out and make more money. Create by any means necessary. If you want the world to pay attention you must to give them a reason to. Case and point, this video gave me a first hand view of Granada and some of the fixed gear riders there. These dudes just threw their hat in the game. Doesn’t matter if you like the video or not. The important thing is Granada is putting out fixed gear videos and the movement is growing. If you are scared of what the world will say about the things you create, you become a slave to it.

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”
― Sylvia Plath

Dare to create. You ride everyday, take a picture, film a clip, film someone else, something…ANYTHING. Time to get out there and rep your scene. Sure, at first people might think your scene is whack. Sure, your mom might tell you she no longer loves you after she watches your latest vimeo edit. Sure, your girlfriend might finally tell you she is cheating on you; but to be honest she was cheating on you before you put out your edit, so they really have no correlation. Sure, people might say you can’t ride. Sure, people might not post your video. Sure, you might lose some friends of facebook. Sure, Donald Trump might ask for your birth certificate. But at least you can also be damn sure that no one will ever say there is no enough fixed gear content. They might start saying there is not enough GOOD fixed gear content, but you gotta crawl before you walk.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all these guys that travel constantly used those travels to grow the supposed lack of fixed gear content? I know it’s easier for them to just complain about it. To use it as a crutch, or cop out for slowly producing less every year. I know why they are really complaining. Keep complaining. keep ranting on twitter. Keep saying the fixed gear scene is dying. Keep hating on other riders. Just know this, when I monopolize I am throwing your ass off the boardwalk.