This isn’t the first video to drop for the Red Hook Crit that recently went down in Milano, but it is by far the best one. We film a lot of stuff here and considering that our creative director also teaches a filming class at Brooklyn College we don’t always post a video because it is first. We figure if we can’t make it all the way through a video, than chances are that you won’t either. The first full video for the Crit came out about a week and a half back, but it was polluted by the Beach Boys as the soundtrack. Patrick over at Pedal Consumption said it best, “If you can endure the Beach Boys, you’ll like this video.” We couldn’t endure the Beach Boys, so we didn’t post that video. Luckily Barceloneta Bikes dropped this gem of coverage from the event, and I think we are all happy that we waited. Just for reference sake I have posted the Beach Boys Version below, see if you can endure it. Could become the next big college drinking game, “enduring the Beach Boys”.