It’s funny, the other day one of our writers was talking about how people need to create more fixed gear content. This morning I awoke to this edit. This is the AFC UPROAR which was at the SF Bike Expo this past weekend. We had a couple staff members fly out to SF for the event and expo. While they were there they told us how the whole FGFS course was filled with filmers. This is a normal thing. A comp comes up, and everyone heads out to cover it. Usually, it is a battle to see who can drop the edit first, and also who can drop the best edit. You’ll end up with 10 edits by different filmers once an event it done. This however is how it should be done. Matt “Slumworm” Reyes, Colby “Macaframa” Elrick, Jeff Demplar, and Stephanie Brennan teamed up and compiled this edit with the footage they all shot. This video is incredible, and it show that if we all start working together we can do a lot more for fixed gears; rather than fighting each other for event coverage. There are a lot of blogs, publication, and filmers working hard everyday to bring you everything fixed gear. Whether it is new products dropping, or videos from events, and also videos about a scene or a rider. They don’t do it for the money, trust me there isn’t any. They do it for the love. One of my personal favorites is TTV Blog. Their logo is a black and white picture of Charles Manson. If you pay close attention in different FGFS edits you’ll notice that a lot of riders are rocking TTV Blog gear. I am guess they get it for free, which leads to my point. Making T-Shirts and Hoodies is expensive. Giving them away is straight up G. It’s all bout the love, and growth. You gotta respect that.

My favorite part about this edit is that Matt Reyes actually won this competition. So when he was not filming the event, he was competing in it. That is beast. Not only is this a sick edit, and not only did a bunch of creative minds come together to make it happen, Matt also threw down and took home the win. He also runs WheelTalk, another popular fixed gear website. Matt wears a lot of hats in the industry. He rides for some of the best companies, and still goes out and films other guys. Dude puts in serious work. There is an old Mighty Heathly shirt that reads, “Collab or Die”. These guys have just set the example for what can be produced when people collab.