Francis Roque must be working on something big. This is his collection of scrap clips he filmed over the course of October and November. If these are his scraps, what the hell did he pull off that he is holding on to? Better yet what is he going to drop in the future? I hate when people use the words “Scraps” or “Leftovers” in the title of an edit. Why? Because one mans scraps is another mans wife. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s time to reach a new level of enlightenment, join me on this journey. Sometime when you go out to a bar, hooking up is one of the main goals. When you first arrive at the bar you scan the room like a lion looking for his next kill and spot a couple of what I will call “plan A’s”. These are the girls that you would most like to bring home at the end of the night. Hopefully through out the evening things will fall into place and sure enough you will take home a “plan A”. Sometimes you get a little to drunk to fast, or all of the “plan A’s” leave the bar before you have a chance to talk with them. This brings us to “plan B’s”. “Plan B’s” are the girls that rank lower than “plan A’s”, but rank higher than going home alone. “Plan B’s” require a “co-signer”. A “co-signer” is one of your friends who came with you to the bar. As a “co-signer” one of these friends must sign off on a “plan B” before you are aloud to take one home. This is designed so that you don’t get too wasted and take home some ugly fat chick that will haunt you for the rest of your life. You know the girl, she is the one you hope none of your friends find out you slept with. So with a “co-signer” you are aloud to go home with a “plan-b”. This brings me to my point. Several years back I was in a bar with some buddies and things didn’t work out as planned, and as I scanned the bar for women it was nothing but a sea of “plan B’s”. I got a couple of drinks into me and reached the point that going home alone was not an option. I quickly started harassing my friends to “co-sign” on a couple of girls. I asked my friend Mike about this girl wearing a red dress at the bar. His reaction messed me up to this day and this is why I am writing this. As I pointed her out Mike asked, “are you fucking with me?”

“No, are you fucking with me?” I replied.

“What!?! Dude seriously are you fucking with me!?!” He responded.

“What? No I am not fucking with you Mike. What the hell is going on?” I inquired.

“The girl in the red dress; Sara; you want me to co-sign on her?” He asked.

“Uh yeah…wait, do you know her?” I questioned. He did know her name after all so maybe he had a class with her?

“No…well yeah…I mean I met her earlier when I went to smoke.” He answered.

“Oh sick, so you can introduce me?” This was a shoe in now.

“What!?! No…dude she is my plan A. I’m trying to take her home.” He informed me. Hearing this I began to feel bad. I didn’t intend to step on my friends toes…wait his plan A!?!

“Your Plan A!?! Are you fucking with me!?! That chick at the bar in the red dress? That one right there?” I pointed at Sara (apparently).

“Yes dude, that girl right there!” He pointed at Sara. I am pretty sure this girl watched us argue and point at her several times over the next 5 minutes. I couldn’t help it I was dumbfounded. This was Mike’s “Plan A”? She was an okay looking girl, and I am really only saying that because they got married and Mike reads this blog, but still “Plan A” Mike? Really? Two kids and a house proved he was serious, and I realized 2 things that day. One is that my buddy Mike was a Cubby Chaser. And two was that sometimes one mans “Plan B” is another mans “Plan A”. Same goes for this edit. To Francis this is throw away, b-roll, scraps. To another person watching this, they are sitting at home wishing they were this talented.