Matt Reyes (Wheel Talk) AND Jeffy D are back for a little Thanksgiving edit. This whole thing was shot over the course of an hour. ONE HOUR! I get emails from kids all the time asking me to throw up their “One Hour” clips and to be honest, most of them should have spent more than an hour filming. Matt on the other hand, can some how make magic out of One Hour’s worth of time. If you have been paying attention, Matt Reyes must be on a mission from God to pump out as much content as humanly possible over the last few weeks. He recently won the AFC UPROAR and managed to also film the competition. It really gets you thinking about what we can accomplish as people if we just push ourselves. It made me think of others in the past, guys that put in more effort than everyone else. My personal favorite was a man by the name of Cliff Young….

Cliff Young won the Melbourne to Sydney Ultra Marathon in 1983. You’re all familiar with what a marathon is hopefully, but you might not be familiar with an Ultra Marathon. An Ultra Marathon is a 544 miles race. Runners in Australia train for years just to finish the race. They are not even entirely focused on winning … just finishing as most competitors cannot finish this race. Cliff Young was a 61 year old sheep farmer who decided to give the ultra marathon a go. As he showed up for the race, he shocked all of the other competitors and news publications worldwide. Not solely on the fact that he was considered to be “too old” at the time to finish this race, but also because he showed up to the race wearing overalls and rain boots. The previous record for the winner of the Ultra Marathon was 7 days. Young, however, shattered this record completing the race in 5 days, 15 hours, and 4 minutes … trimming almost two whole days off the previous record. How did he do this? How could a 61 year old man with no prior running experience dominate an event like the Ultra Marathon? HE DIDN’T SLEEP! All of the other runners would sleep every evening at different rest stations provided through out the marathon. Cliff Young ran the entire race without sleeping. He ran for 5 days, 15 hours, and 4 minutes straight. It wasn’t a fast pace mind you; it was a slow shuffle which would later be known as the “Young Shuffle.” When he won the race, Young found out that the marathon winner received a $10,000 cash prize for winning. He wasn’t even aware of this prize when he started the race, he just wanted to race and see if he could finish the marathon. He dispersed the winnings to the 10 runners that finished behind him. He didn’t want the money. He just wanted to prove to himself that he could do it. Every time I see a Matt Reyes’ edit it makes me think of Cliff Young and what someone can accomplish  while everyone else is sleeping. From now on, when I see someone putting out the content that Reyes puts out i’m callin it the “Reyes Hustle.” Get that hustle on.