Kris is back again with another addition of 3:30 for LockedCog. This is such an epic web series and if you haven’t seen them all you need to head over to LockedCog and check them out. I hear people complain that there is not enough fixed gear content. Those people whine and people like Kris produce killer shit like this. Big ups to Kris for bringing us solid fixed gear content consistently. LockedCog has been holding it down for the fixed gear scene and Sacramento. Jakob Santos is an incredible rider. He just finished up a tour around the entire country stacking clips. I can’t wait to see what he was able to gather in his travels. All good things in this edit. I am starting a campaign called, “more content for 2013”. I am challenging everyone to stop complaining and start producing. Kris has put out amazing edits on his iphone, so I don’t want to hear a single person complain about not having the ability to film. Shit if you find yourself really desperate to get clips just ride in front of your local bank, and when the security guard comes out and busts you, ask him for the footage from the security camera. You could call the segment “security camera edit 2013”. Those things shoot at 60 fps, just saying.