The worst way to start out you week is with a weather forecast calling for rain the next 7 days. It’s hard to get your friends out riding when its raining. Something about the rain makes everyone tired. Trying to get the troops rallied to ride when it is pouring outside can be exhausting. It really leaves you with a couple of choices, either stay inside like everyone else, or go out riding with the one guy who is willing to ride with you. Chapman is a die hard. I swear this guy cuddles up to his fixed gear on cold nights. Best response we got from the crew when they heard we were out filming had to be, “what the hell are you going to film in the rain?” Consider this our proof of concept. Skidding is always better when the roads are slick. Sometimes the clouds even opened up and gave us some sun light, and we were able to ride in t-shirts. Other times the down pour caused us to seek shelter in an underground parking lot. Even when it started flooding we rode on. The only time we stopped was for the occasional cigarette break. Don’t let the weather keep you inside, real riders always ride.