This video will change your life. That is a big statement I know, but just watch this edit and if you feel the same about your life afterwards you have no soul. I have no soul, I can be honest with myself. I realized that when I was 12 years old. I watched a blind man trip in a pot hole while crossing the street. Instead of running out to help him get up like everyone else, I just stood there and laughed. Sure that could just be a controlled situation. People falling is always funny. Only it kept happening. I had to stop going to funerals because I kept laughing during them. Come on, funerals are kinda funny. When I watch the news, or read the paper I can’t stop laughing. I didn’t think their was anything wrong with it until I went to a stand up comedy show. Sitting in the audience I was surrounded by people laughing hysterically, and yet for some reason I didn’t think any of it was funny. For some reason comedy isn’t funny to me. Maybe it is because I find humor in everything else. The first time I got arrested I kept laughing so hard that instead of booking me into general population they opted to send me to the psych ward. Psych wards aren’t like the ones you see on tv, they are more like rehab. The psych wards on tv always look like rundown hospitals. In real life they are like a middle class rehab. There are no tile floors, instead they use carpets. Probably because crazy people fall a lot and carpet is more forgiving. Maybe because crazy people opt out of wearing shoes. I am not sure why, but non the less carpet. Do you know how hard it is to get released from a psych ward when even being admitted to one makes you laugh? Luckily they can only hold you in a psych ward for 48 hours of observation before they either have to commit you, or let you go. I guess finding everything funny isn’t enough a reason to commit someone. As long as they don’t consider you a danger to yourself or others you are all good. Food for thought. Continuing on, I can’t help it the world is just a funny place. I think it is because it is so fragile. It’s like a drunk man stumbling through a slaughter house. You know it is not going to end well, but you can’t turn away. So when I see an edit like this one where the riders have no regardless for their lives or overall health; instead they risk it all for the sake of the edit I can’t help but appreciate it. Seriously though I am the only one who finds funerals funny?

Early November our friend, Greg Falski (SOFB) has come to visit us in Geneva.
we spent time riding on some spots with him and our friends of Milkyce,

Filmed by Greg Falski, Pepy Todesky, Laurent Pili and David Pili
Edited by David Pili