Let’s be honest, people driving cars are assholes. Could they drive slower? Yes. Could they get the fuck off their cell phones while driving? YES! Could they actually pay attention to cyclists? YES!!!! Do they do any of these things? NO!!!! That’s why I love videos like this one, because sometimes if you can’t change the assholes on the road it is better to become the asshole on the road. Sometimes you gotta get out there and take over the road. Sometimes you gotta throw caution to the wind and say the hell with it. Take over the whole lane, cut in between cars, flip people off, and spit on their windshields. Sometimes it’s the only way you are going to survive riding through a concrete jungle. Be aggressive. Take chances. Above all make sure that your riding scares the living shit out of the drivers on the road so they try everything in their power to avoid you. This is a look at Indianapolis curriers doing just that. Corn Fed is back for its third installment, and this looks like it should have been in Line of Sight. Great stuff all the way around in this video, and if you can still sit on your ass after watching this you have serious procrastination issues. Or what I dub Extreme Procrastination.

I have a problem with procrastination. It’s not a rare problem by any means, a lot of people have this problem, but that doesn’t make it any less of a problem. First off you must understand that there is a difference between procrastination and just being plan old lazy. I get a lot of things done throughout the course of a day. Most of my friends are blown away by how much I can accomplish in a day. The problem really falls into what I chose to accomplish in a day and what I need to accomplish. I tend to put things off that I consider frustrating. Sounds normal enough, but I tend to do it in a crash and burn philosophy. I put things off that are going to come back later and screw my life up. The things that one shouldn’t put off; those are the things I put off. For example, until a few days ago I didn’t have a driver’s license. Living in Brooklyn and not owning a car makes a drivers license a non necessity. In traveling for the site however I am required to drive. Apparently some states do not believe in public transportation the same way that New York does. In traveling I am required to drive when I arrive at my destination. I rarely drive during any given year so my skills behind the wheel are not up to par with most drivers on the road. I drive regardless, but I add extra risk into it. I am almost positive that a driver’s license is required when driving a car. I drive without one, my license expired in 2004. I am also pretty sure that you also have to have car insurance for the car you are driving. I don’t. Mostly because every time I think about calling an insurance company and getting my car insured I always procrastinate. It seems annoying and frustrating so again I put it off. Instead I opt to search Amazon for random Canon lenses. I also think you are required to register your car every year with the DMV. I don’t. Both the issue of not having a license and my car not being registered could be handled with one trip to the DMV. My cars tags expired in November of 2005. I live across the street from the DMV. That drives my friends crazy. Every morning when I wake up and walk out front to smoke a cigarette with my morning coffee I can see the DMV. If anything, being across the street from the DMV I could constantly look out my front window and keep an eye on the number of cars in the parking lot, and when they became low enough I would know that it is probably dead inside the DMV and it would behoove me to cross the street and get these things taken care of. I don’t. Instead I stare across the street at the DMV every time I walk out front to smoke another cigarette. In the course of a day this could be 7 to 9 times. For the math majors reading, this is around 49 times a week I stare across the street at the DMV. Instead, when needed, I drive my car without a license, insurance, or up to date registration. I wish I was making this up, but I am not. Even on days when I have nothing to do I find something to preoccupy my time rather than just crossing the street to the DMV. If I get pulled over and it is discovered that I do not have a driver’s license, insurance, and my car tags are expired I have no doubt that they would arrest me. I know this because one day to try and help motivate myself to cross the street to the DMV I called my local Police Department to find out the penalties. That still didn’t motivate me to cross the street. Extreme Procrastination, could that be a thing? Finally, the other day, I went to the DMV and got everything squared away. What changed? Every form of preoccupation became nonexistent and out of shear boredom I went. I woke up the other day after a small storm and my cable and internet had been knocked out. No big deal, I’ll just screw around on my phone. I had forgotten to charge it the night before so it was dead…weird. Fine, I guess I will sit down on the couch with my Kindle and read…also dead. Okay, I guess I’ll watch a DVD. As I flipped through my DVD collection I realized that I had watched all of these movies several times over and as I threw on one after another I couldn’t make it through more than 20 minutes of each film before I became bored. I sat around for an hour alone in my thoughts and finally out of extreme boredom I crossed the street. It was a close call between that and doing the dishes that are stacking up in my apartment. Maybe that is the key to beating procrastination. You have to find something that sucks more than what you are putting off.