Nothing makes you feel better about what you do than when people write you emails. We email back and forth with Ricardo Lino a lot. Only sometimes we got caught up with things. We have been filming a lot of things lately and traveling. For example I am writing this post in Northern California. Trickcat is going down next Sunday in Sacramento so four of us filmers for fixiefamous are in town to cover the event. So when this email hit me box I had to make some moves.


did you saw this?

its online for a week now…just went trough vimeo stats and saw that there wasnt any fixie famoes post on it..come on!!!!;)

hope its all good..

Ricardo Lino

We didn’t see it, and now I feel bad. I have let Ricardo down 😦

Ricardo does too much in this edit. You hear that Lino? This was way to much! Other kids are going to stop riding FGFS because they will never be able to put something out as good as this. You have crushed the dreams of high school kids all over California who were dreaming of becoming the next Steve Jensen.

Lino also has a website now called THELINOLIFE which I have no doubt will rise to the same level as one of the books of the apostles. This website is going to help keep FGFS alive. My favorite part is at the bottom of the website Lino has quotes from different important people commending him and his hard work. I got one for you Lino you can put on your site.

“Ricardo Lino doesn’t ride FGFS, he is FGFS. He consistently finds a way to evolve the tricks and combinations possible on a fixed gear bike. I have no doubt that future generations of FGFS riders will consider Lino a Founding Father of the FGFS movement. His commitment to the evolution of FGFS sets the standard for future riders who are trying to make a name for themselves. When I need to explain to someone what FGFS is I just play them one of Ricardo’s edits. Masterful.”
Dante Yore
Executive Editor
Fixie Famous