Rob Carp is back and this time he is bringing his one wheeled domination to Mammoth Mountain. We are going to put this out there, Rob is in his own league of riding. Now a days you have FGFS, and you also have riding videos, but Rob embodies the movement that made fixed gears what they are today. While most riders have moved on to either FGFS, Mashing, or the dreaded switch to mostly riding a road bike instead of their fixed gear; Rob is making a push. A back to the basics that made everyone fall in love with fixed gears. Carp is the goods. I am hoping that kids watch this video and immediately run outside to try and pull some of this shit off. I need more videos like the ones Rob has been putting out in my life. A couple of weeks back was the first time we watch one of Rob’s edit, and instantly we were hooked. We posted it up and next thing we knew, a couple weeks later, everyone was posting the video up. It’s good to know that we are not alone in thinking that the fixed gear scene needs more Rob Carp’s. I told one of my co-workers when we watch this edit, “Rob Carp is changing the game.”

His response, “Rob Carp is the game.”

side note: Rob, how the fuck were you rocking a t-shirt in the fucking snow!?!