It’s hard to turn away when you watch someone crash. Part of you feels bad. The other part wants to laugh, but you know that your friend is going to be pissed if you do. Lastly you hope that you caught it on film. The worst thing after a crash is not being able to re watch the chaos unfolding. Matt Spencer (WOLFDRAWN) bring us an almost 8 minute long edit of the carnage down in Southern California. The almost 8 minutes flies by when you are watching this, and the best part for me was that this is proof that Joe McKeag is a real person. For a while I truly thought he was some form of fixed gear cyborg sent from the future to dominate FGFS and eliminate John Connor. Nope, he is just a regular guy…who seems to dance every time he crashes. Way to shake it off Joe. The worst parts in the video are when Congo falls. He is just such a big fucking guy that when he hits the ground the concrete chips. We get to see a shot of his fucked up front wheel towards the beginning of this edit, and most think it is a result of crashing. It’s not. Modern wheels are just not designed to hold a giant like Congo. I heard that H Plus Sons even gave Congo an Octuple walled set on rims created by the Dark Lord Sauron during the Second Age. Sauron even forged those rims in the fires of Mount Doom and still they bent under the giant amongst all giants Congo!