Jackson Bradshaw recently wrecked his collarbone, but before he did he was able to get in an edit. He didn’t get every trick he wanted, but again he got injured. He calls this B-Roll Bangers. It is not actually B-Roll. For those not in the know, B-Roll refers to left over, random unused previous clips, or scenery shots. These are non of the above. Torey Thornton told us in an interview a couple of months back that he though Jackson was an awesome rider. Watching this video you can see why Torey believes this. Jackson goes hard, and always finds weird spots that most people wouldn’t think twice about riding. The thing I want to know most about this edit is where the hell was he that involved him riding, and a bunch of people behind him running in the underwear? Is there a magical place where people live in harmony in their underwear? It’s gotta be hard to stress over anything when every women you pass is wearing the bare essentials. Maybe it was a weird coincidence, like some how every person in his city ended up hitting laundry day on the exact same day as everyone else. In this serendipitous turn of event everyone decided to celebrate by running down the street half naked. Maybe streaking is making a come back? Maybe I am over thinking this. Maybe I should just enjoy the fact that this occurred somewhere in the world, and pray that someday this movement finds its way to my city.