Sometimes you just have one of those days when things just go wrong. We had one of those days today. Got lost on the way to Locked Cog’s TRICKCAT comp. It was are first time is Sacramento, shit happens. Luckily we ran into Francis Roque and he was able to guide us to the group of rider who came out for this grass roots contest. We hit a couple of spots with the crew, but we lost them towards the end of the day, and had no idea how to get to the next spot. We could have just scrapped the edit, but since our boss flew us into California to cover this event, and several other upcoming events, we figured we gotta put something out. This is not a contest edit. We have no idea who won (most likely Jakob Santos). This edit doesn’t have tricks perfectly synched to music…it doesn’t even have music. This is just some of the clips we were able to catch in the time we were there. At the same time, maybe this edit will get you hyped to see the actually contest edit that Kris from Locked Cog will put out in the next couple of days. Big ups to 209 Cogs for showing us around, and to Jakob Santos for not running me over after landing that 180 down the double set.