We have a big staff, which some including myself might find funny. I find it funny because nothing has gone up on the site in 4 days. I called my boss about it and his response was, “it’s Christmas time, enjoy it.” I will enjoy it, but still what about the people who want to see new posts? “If it bothers you that much you should post something.” He says. He is just saying that to annoy me. I am a filmer for the site, he didn’t really think I was going to waste the time. He was wrong. It’s not that hard to write for this website, most of the writers put up articles that have nothing to do with the video you just watched. Part of me believes no one reads the articles we post. That was until I perused the comment section of the website and found a comment from Matt “Slumworm” Reyes saying he appreciated the fact that we post articles. I guess at least one person reads the articles. Scrap my previous theory.

This edit was shot by Kris from Locked Cog, and his friend I think. I saw Kris for the first time last week because I was one of the filmers who filmed the TrickCat Uncontest Edit. We didn’t get a chance to talk, but he looked like a cool guy. I think I am going to see him again at the Epic comp going down in Roseville California, at Epic Skate park on the 28th. This video could be a sneak peek in a sense to what might get thrown down during that comp. This video was filmed at Epic. It’s a cool skate park, I was there years ago on a skateboarding tour and it was a dope spot for sure. For those that don’t know, Kris is also riding in this edit, he is on the pink bike. Dude has skills in front of and behind the camera. Check out his publication Locked Cog. I feel like I shanked this article, maybe this writing thing is a lot harder than I thought.