The life of a filmer is exhausting. Actually it’s not exhausting for all filmers, but when you are getting paid to film it is utterly exhausting. Mind you, I am not ranting or giving you a sob story. This is more an education if you have ever thought about becoming a professional filmer. First, they technically call it a videographer, but I personally hate that word. I give you a little insight into my day, and if it sounds good than maybe filming might fit you well. Today herald the FGFS competition at Epic Skate Park in Rocklin, CA. The contest started at 10am, which means I have to be up at 7am. You always have to get up early and test you equipment you are going to use for the day. You never know when you are going to have something stop working and have to make a rush to Best Buy before the contest. You hop in your car and drive to the contest which takes up some time too. So you finally arrive at the contest and for the next 5 hours you are clocked in. In most professions you are surrounded by fellow co-workers. In the professional filming world you are surrounded by competitors. It’s weird, you are filming an event of people competing against each other, while also competing with other filmers. Filming isn’t always about the best shots, or the best edit. It’s about getting a GOOD product out fast. People don’t want to sit around a week or two waiting for that contest edit to drop. In an age of smart phones and the internet, everyone wants everything lightning fast. Your employer knows this so they give you a deadline. Mine is 8am. The contest finished at 3pm. I got up at 7am. Now I have to dump all the footage, re watch the contest I just filmed, and edit it all together in less than 24 hours. My deadline gave me 17 hours. If you are a good filmer and you can turn out an edit in that time frame the money is nice. If you don’t hit your deadline than good luck getting another gig. Sound like fun? I think it is and that is why I do it.

Epic Skate park held the battle ground of So Cal vs. Nor Cal FGFS riders. With 3 divisions, Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro riders threw down in the hopes of being crowned the King of Cali. Jonathan “Jball” Ball killed every obstacle that stood in his bikes path and took home the crown today. There were some other honorable mentions as well; Jakob Santos continued on his contest domination. Francis Roque took home the honors in the Intermediate category, and a lot of the other heavy hitters Kenny Arimoto, Elliot Milner, Josh Boothby and a lot of other amazing riders dropped some sick shit. This is one of the biggest turn outs I have seen for a FGFS event, and if this is a sign of things to come than I am excited. A small crew of fixiefamous filmers are posted up in Cali for the next couple of months so hopefully we can bring you more videos in the coming weeks. There are rumors of a 209 Cogs & fixiefamous video in the works, and also a trip to So Cal to link up with Jakob Santos. Big ups to all the riders that came out, threw down, and showed us love.