God Damn it, only Ricardo Lino can make a Captains hat look cool. I couldn’t pull some shit like that off. If I showed up anywhere wearing a captains hat I think people would talk shit none stop. Ricardo on the other hand looks awesome in that hat. It’s not fair. I am sick and tired of Ricardo Lino being awesome at everything he does. Can’t Ricardo just suck at one thing God? Just one thing!?! I bet you could put Lino in a Macguyver style situation and he would still be awesome. Like for example if you tied Ricardo Lino up in that warehouse he was riding in, and set the place on fire; while also arming a bomb loaded with c4 set to go off in 10 seconds; and filling the whole place with Rottweiler dogs that haven’t eaten in a couple weeks. Ricardo would find a way to untie himself; disarm the bomb using only a 15mm wrench and a Hold Fast foot strap; sooth the hungry dogs with his angelic voice styling of Sir Mix-a-lots “I like big butts”; and before putting out the warehouse that is now a blaze, he would find a way to film an edit inside the inferno…Wait did I make all that up, or is that what I just watched in this video? God Damn it Ricardo, you are just too good. Maybe you could just take a couple of years off and let all the other kids catch up. Don’t forget to check out Ricardo’s website THE LINO LIFE, site is good, real good.

Also Locked Cog has been making a huge push to get out more original content to the Fixed Gear masses and we just want to thank Kris for the above and beyond effort to grow the fgfs scene. One of our filmers recently met him while covering the Epic FGFS comp, and said he was a top notch guy. Big ups Kris, keep grinding.