Ramon jetted back down to SF from Portland for Christmas and while he was back in town he was able to bring us this little gem. My father always said, “no one is going to give you anything in this world; you gotta take it.” For some weird reason I always think about that statement when I watch one of Ramon’s videos. Here is a guy that doesn’t just film and edit shit, but he also rides. He is a one man operation. He is not limited by needing a filmer to go film. Once he gets footage of himself and others he doesn’t need someone else to edit it together for him, he can do it all. It makes him an unstoppable force in the FGFS industry. Dude puts in work every day of his life and every couple weeks he is dropping another edit. He also has an artsy side to him. Before I watched this video I was watching another video he just recently posted where he films a bunch of pigeons eating shit. Seems like a weird concept I know, but with the music added in it was actually pretty awesome, I am not going to lie.