We sent a filmer out to shoot 209 Cogs in Stockton, CA for the day and we figured while he was filming we would catch and interview with 209 Cogs heavy Hitter Francis Roque.

1. Who are you?

My name is Francis Roque!

2. No seriously who the fuck are you?

This sexy ass dude that lives in Stockton CA.

3. Still have no idea who you are…

Well fuck you too.. 😦

4. How long have you been riding fgfs?

About 20 months?

5. Where are you from?

Born and raised in Stockton!

6. How good is Stockton really? Give me a crazy story or two?

Honestly, in Fixed Freestyle.. We have a whole bunch of riders that hardly put out edits and go hard as fuck and deserve way more recognition than how much they have at the moment.

7. I heard you can break dance is that true?

Oh god.. Yes, it is true. I used to break dance like 4-5 years ago and still have my moves today. Breakdancing comes in handy, like how I won some hubs for doing some windmills. Hahahahah

8. Wait I forgot who are you again?

Yo papa.

9. How did 209 cogs start?

The first 3 guys: Alex Nunez, Dawson Phan and Tommy Mao were the guys that everybody in Stockton looked up to and Dawson wanted to create a crew for themselves called the 209cogs.

10. If you get a new number and the area code is no longer 209 are you out of the crew?

Of course not, everyone in 209cogs is also family.. Even if our new name would be 340cogs or 670cogs. Honestly that sounds hella weird.

11. Where do you want to go with fgfs? Pro? Company owner? Contest host?

I would love to just maintain how I am right now and ride for the fun of it. Being a pro would be really cool but all day, everyday.. I’m just riding for fun and for everybody.

12. Sponsors shot out?

Alright, shout outs to AMERICAN ICON for giving me an opportunity to
ride for them, Zontrac straps and HellHound Bicycles for supporting me to the fullest. VELODEATH for being nice and being cool. I love all my sponsors, thank you for everything you guys have been doing for me! Mad love.

13. What is your favorite part about riding fgfs?

I love seeing new kids riding FGFS around my area and pushing themselves to go big and just being motivated in general. It makes me stoked to see how this sport will be in a few years from today.

14. How old are you?

Turned 17, on November 8th!

15. What’s the next move?

I am planning on just dropping more videos, competing in more comps and traveling and meeting new riders for now.

16. Who do you look up to in fgfs?

Matt “SlumWorm” Reyes, Dew Sippawit, Joe Mckeag & Mike Schmitt, I have been looking up to them for the longest and everything they do motivates me to improve faster.

17. Shout outs?

Shout outs to my family and girlfriend “Carolyn Pham” for being there for me whenever I need someone. I love you guys. Thanks to my 2nd family, 209cogs for pushing me to become more inspired on riding and being awesome homies. Once again, my sponsors, fixiefamous for being a real chill blog, lockedcog, WHEELTALK, sMc, Black Sheep Cycles, Robby’s Bicycles, Ray from Kingpin Skateshop, James Vanotti for hooking it up, Dawson Phan and Curtis Ballard for teaching me not to Indian Give and Myself, for being so damn sexy.