Phillip Williams is back and better than ever in his newest edit. I got an email from him the other day and I won’t lie it kinda broke my heart a little bit. He has been riding a lot of bmx lately and he is kinda over all the hate in the fgfs scene. It’s hard to see a talented rider weighed down by the hate in the industry. You can’t really stop people from hating on you. As a journalist what I tend to see more often than not is what is called journalistic integrity. As a journalist your job is to report the news. In more niche industries like fixed gear instead you have solo writers who pick favorites. It happens with big publications and newspaper on bigger levels, like people running for president, or local government. The news is manipulated so that the readers believe that what they are reading is the truth and not just some egotistical persons opinion. If you are good enough at it, or if you have enough readers you can manipulate the industry into what you think it should be rather than what it actually is. You can make certain riders seem more important than other riders. You can be bought and sell a brands merchandise through your articles so that people believe that the review you are writing is an honest opinion rather than just an opinion sold to the highest bidder. Behind every successful man is a pack of haters. You know you are on the right track if people are hating. My father once said, “no one is ever going to give you anything in this world. You have to take it.” Well if you are taking something like the fgfs spotlight from someone else than chances are they are going to hate on you a little bit. The difference is if someone is holding it down it is impossible to take that spot light away. I could preach to you for hours on the subject, but instead I think I will deviate to, “don’t get mad, get even.”

Getting even is a hard thing to do because we always want it to be personal. When you get even with someone you want them to know it was you. You need them to know it was you. That is how we think we will get closer. I say fuck that. If you are a master at getting even the person should never know it was you. Think about it like an assassin. A ninja doesn’t introduce himself before he kills you, he leaves you choking on your own blood with one thought running through you mind; WHY? So here is a quick list on how to get even without the blood on your hands.

this one if my all time favorite. Just get the persons phone number and list it on craigs list under m4m (male looking for male). Come up with the freakiest post your weirdo mind can concoct and sit back and know that your hater is going to get a slew of phone calls at all hours of the day.

2. COD
Their are a million things you can still order that can be cod (cash on delivery). Stuff as simple as a pizza, to stuff as expensive as anything you see on a tv infomercial. The group Annonymous used this tactic years ago to take down a KKK radio host in Florida. People get really mad when you don’t pay them, and very few people believe that you actually didn’t order something being delivered to your home.

3. Internet Rumors
By far one of the easiest, this is also known as trolling. Just hop on some comment boards under a false name and make some shit up. On a long enough time line people are going to believe some of the rumors. Nothing kills a careers more than rumors, ask any politician.

4. Never stop Pedaling
At the end of the day the easiest way to get even with your haters is to just keep moving forward. Everyone hates on the new up and comers, but in a couple years when you are on top everyone will love you. If you are doing something you love no one can stop you. Let no man stand in your way. Jay-Z said it best, “I told you in 95 that I came to take this shit, and I did.”

Keep your head up Phillip, we got your back.