We are a little late on this, but we have been busy planning a ton of filming projects for the next couple of moths. Hopefully we will be back on track by next week. Big things are in the works. Ricardo Lino is amazing. We all know this. You have seen a bunch of his edits this year, but the Best Of is over the top. Lino want to make it to Brooklyn in 2013 and we are hoping he does so that we can film some shit with him while he is out here. Some of our staff talk to Ricardo via email a lot. They are around the same age. Lino is old, but so is most of our staff. Lino is happily married, so is Joey the owner of Grime bike, and myself for that matter. Having a good women by your side makes everything easier. One less thing to worry about if you will. It got me thinking a lot about relationships.

I have a friend who recently got into a relationship. To some they think the relationship is moving too fast. I am the last person to ask when it comes to if a relationship is moving too fast. I proposed to my wife on our second date. We moved in together 2 weeks after we started dating and were married 8 months later. Seems fast right? Well now we are approaching 7 years of marriage and I have never regretted it. I do however understand the idea that when people get into a relationship and start moving forward very fast it tends to scare others. I think there are several reasons why, but most notable would have to be that it makes you question your own relationship.

The average person’s relationship if filled with doubt. Sure, you like dating the person you’re dating, and sure, having a girlfriend/boyfriend is an awesome thing but, in the back of your mind doubt creeps in. You question if the person you are with is the best person out there for you. Are they your soul mate; your one true love? Maybe they are just one of the many relationships that you are going to have before you meet the real person you are supposed to be with. It’s enough to drive a person insane. I’ll tell you the answer you are searching for; they are not it. How can I know that? Because when they are the one the doubt no longer exists. It isn’t there. Sure, from a guy’s point of view the idea of only having sex with one woman for the rest of your life is more dreadful than a needle to the eye. My father said it best, “Don’t focus on all the women that you are not going to have sex with. Instead focus on all the men you don’t want your girlfriend/wife to have sex with.” Kinda changes your point of view. The idea of sleeping with someone new is always a great idea…on paper, but the idea of your partner sleeping with someone else is the start to a nightmare that wakes you up in the middle of the night.

You show me a girl that you would cut off one of your fingers to sleep with, and I’ll introduce you to the guy that is tired of fucking her. Beauty, lust, attraction, and relationships are all a matter of perspectives. From one persons point of view a girl might be the upper crust. To another man she is the bane of his existence. She is a bitch on wheels that has caused him more pain than pleasure. I have never been a advocate of marriage, in all honesty prior to meeting my wife I didn’t think I ever wanted to get married. Here I am 7 years later, and I couldn’t imagine another version of life making sense. This leads us to my point. Should we really be worried about our friend’s relationships moving too fast, or should we be more concerned about our own relationship moving too slow?

Have you ever awoke in the morning and knew immediately upon waking up what you wanted for breakfast? We all know what we want. You know what you want. If there is doubt in the back of your mind that the person you are with might not be the right person for you that is because…THEY ARE NOT THE RIGHT PERSON FOR YOU. Truths are harsh, but a blunt man is also the most honest of men.