We have been following the MASTERFAM Crew for a while now. We did an interview with Desmond Cook a couple of months back and I have to say these guy are going for that number 1 spot. If you take a look back at their previous videos the tricks are getting cleaner, and the filming is on the next level. Some sponsored guys have quit riding FGFS, some sponsored riders are not even putting out edit, but these kids are out there everyday. I respect these guys. These guys want it, and they are going to get it. It’s all about motivation. You have to want it. You have to love it. You have to be willing to sacrifice everything else in your life for it. “You get back what you put in.”

This is sad, but true, I cannot tell if FGFS is getting bigger or smaller. I do know one thing for sure though, I never received my “cool fixed gear video guide”. Apparently someone forgot to mail me my copy. I am now realizing how badly I need it. I am lacking the educational information to properly shun certain riders and videos. I know there is a formula, I heard it once at a contest but I forgot to write it down. Someone help me out…

Are pegs cool? Some people talk shit on them, and some talk shit if you don’t have em’. This is a big one, because I forgot if I am not supposed to post videos when riders are using pegs.

26″ or 700c? Again I forgot. Most companies have completely dropped 700c FGFS frames. Do you get more or less respect for 700c?

What was the bar spin quota in videos that are acceptable to post? I thought it was something like a video must have at least 5 bar spins, but no more than 15. This is a hard one because sometimes while I am watching a video I lose count. I end up having to watch a video like 6 times just to get an accurate bar spin count.

Every video has to have at least one 360, right? I think I remember that one from blogging 102 when I was a freshman in college. That class sucked because I had to first pass the prerequisite course “My opinion and blog is more important than others because I have a small penis” 101. I think every video required a minimum of one 360 or you were not allow to post the video on your blog.

180 are out right? Because we now know the 540 is possible if your name starts with Joe and ends with Mckeag. Now it considered noob shot to throw a 180 off of something in a video right? I always thought they looked good, but I also like MGK, so what does that say about me?

I need a copy of that book, because I will be honest I have no idea why certain blogs don’t post certain videos. I know that they are not doing it to hate on or ignore riders, no one is that full of themselves. So don’t blame them they are only following the manual. If someone has an extra one lying around send it my way. I don’t mean to break the rulers, I just forgot what the rules are.