The 209COGS just dropped this wrap up edit for 2012 and the shit is dope. The crew from Stockton is huge. A band of brothers out in the streets everyday holding it down for FGFS in Nor Cal. These kids go bigger and bigger every time they drop an edit. They all bring each other up, and each offer something unique to their crew. They push each other. This is why they are a force to be reckoned with. This is why they are all going to go onto big things in the future. Or maybe they won’t. What? I am just saying sometimes people don’t go on to do the big things that they hoped they would. I watched this documentary a couple of days back about this guy who knocked out Mike Tyson in a boxing match. He was this huge Irish fighter from Boston, and everyone thought he was going to get knocked out in the first round. He didn’t. Instead in the middle of round 5 he knocked Mike Tyson out. Some people said he was going to be the next Heavy Weight Champion of the World. Don King offered him a millions dollars to sign with him. What happened to this man? It’s probably easier to show you rather than explain it all. Please see the below video.