When we watch certain videos we find appreciation in the rider’s skills. In other videos like this one, we get blown away by the cinematography. Why does this matter? Because it’s videos like this one that can help bring more awareness to fixed gears. Why does more awareness matter you ask? Well if you are a good rider, putting out good edits, your bank account should reflect all of your hard work and injuries. It doesn’t. Why not? How can your sponsor’s cut you a check when they are struggling to pay their own bills too? So how do the companies make more money? They need to sell more products. Makes sense right? The more people on fixed gears, the more money the fixed gear companies make, and the more money they can give to their riders. Well not all edits bring attention to the scene. Some might even take attention away from the scene. My favorite for example, is when people talk shit on each other. There is no money in the fixed gear industry, but for some reason dudes want more. There isn’t more, and there won’t be more if we … fuck it … I am tired of hitting that same old tired note. Right now I feel just like someone in Brooklyn screaming out the top of their lungs for help …

I was actually going to post this video last night, but I kept getting distracted. Some woman was screaming HELP ME for like an hour. There were sounds of things being broken, loud crashes, and loud thumps. Then she proceeded to scream bloody murder for another hour. Finally she shut up, but by that time I was over posting all together. Annoying right? I know some of you might be thinking that maybe I should have walked outside and tried to figure out what was wrong. For those that think that it is obvious …. you’ve never been to Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, no one runs to your aid if you scream for HELP. In college they actually instructed girls to yell FIRE. People will come a runnin’ if you yell FIRE. Not HELP though unfortunately. There are several reasons why, they explained to the girls. The first one being that whoever is causing the girl to cry HELP is probably going to end up killing her. But more obvious and usually the reason why most of us don’t run to the aid of others, is because IT IS NOT OUR FUCKING PROBLEM. Our lives are already filled with enough fear and stress. Why in the hell would we want to take on more? It’s sad, but true … it’s the sad-truth really. First time I heard a girl screaming for help it was at 3am in the morning a long ass time ago. I woke up to the sound of some guy slapping the shit out of this girl in front of my building. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, “HELP ME, OH LORD JESUS, SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!” The louder she got, the louder the smacks got. She would yell, and then he would yell, “Bitch shut your god damn mouth!” Anyone figure out what was happening? If you guessed a pimp beating one of his hoes then you’re right on the money. No one ran out and helped this girl. Someone did call the cops and by the time they showed up, the pimp already left the scene. The woman (hoe), however, couldn’t leave. By the time the pimp left, he had broken two of her ribs and she couldn’t move. When the cops questioned her, she told them she had no idea who the man was. They could tell she was lying. We all could tell she was lying, but since no one in my building went outside the police couldn’t even get an accurate description of the suspect. All she would say was, “it was dark, I didn’t see him.” She did slip once though and said during the questioning, “Ray was just mad.” She later denied it and said that they were making it up as she was getting loaded in the ambulance. Which later proves my point…

First time I saw someone getting stabbed was on the N train at Canal St. My wife and I were heading back to Brooklyn from Manhattan on the subway and as the train reached the “Canal St.” stop, right before it crossed over the Manhattan Bridge the guy got stabbed. A Puerto Rican teenager was getting off the train. I knew he was Puerto Rican because he was wearing a Puerto Rican Flag bandanna on his head. He was slightly drunk and stumbling as he headed to the doors to exit. He kicked the shoe off of an older African American man who was sitting on the bench seat by the door listening to his ipod. The Puerto Rican teen turned to the man and said, “watch it ni…(you know the word).” The man listening to his ipod removed one of his ear buds and asked politely, “Excuse me?” He couldn’t hear with headphones on and was trying to figure out what the hell was going on. The Teenage stabbed him in the chest and stomach with what looked like some form of ice pick, and ran off the train. The older man keeled over and that was the first time I really realized how much blood is inside of us. While we were sitting there waiting for paramedics to show up, a wealthy looking white couple was waiting outside the doors on the platform. A crowd had gathered in the subway, so for the people on the platform they had no idea why the subway wasn’t moving. The wealthy woman asked the man she was with, “This is taking forever, can you see what’s happening?” It’s funny how people who are raised with a sense of entitlement seem to talk loud enough for the whole fucking world to hear. Her boyfriend/husband leaned in the subway car and stood on his tippy toes to see over the crowd. He then went back to his girlfriend/wife and said, “Someone got shot I think.”

“So are we going to be here a while?” she asked.
“It looks that way,” he answered.
“Uhhhh lets just go and try to catch the R,” she hissed.

Cold right? This man was trying to use his hands to plug up stab wounds and keep his blood inside of his body, and probably died that night. To this wealthy couple it was an annoyance. Why? It wasn’t their problem. We as a society have a way of turning off morality as it becomes inconvenient. It’s a tipping scale. The more extremely it is shown to you, the easier it is to understand how we work. Is a man getting stabbed on the subway your fault? Nope. Should you have done something? Not my problem. Does it affect your life? Nope. Does yelling HELP work in Brooklyn? NO. So what have we learned tonight? Tom Hanks.


One of my neighbors got mugged around 4am in the morning coming home from her night shift as a nurse. The man who mugged her was a Hispanic man around 5’8-6’0 tall, wearing a green jacket; red beanie; and work boots. He ran south from the scene of the crime on foot. That was the description I gave the police. About 15 other people in my building gave the police a similar description. Some of my neighbors even went out to the street while she was being mugged and scared off the mugger. How could this be? At 4am in the morning in Brooklyn a woman getting mugged was able to get some help? Tom Hanks. I woke up that morning to a woman screaming her head off, “TOM HANKS, oh my God everyone it’s Tom Hanks!” WHAT!?! Why the hell would Tom Hanks be walking down my street which isn’t a safe one, at 4am? I had to look out the window and check it out. Some of my neighbors who I guess were huge Tom Hanks fans actually ran outside. To everyone’s surprise Tom Hanks was not on our street. A woman was getting mugged though. After about 5 people from my building walked outside the mugger got spooked and took off. The woman kept her purse, over 20 people witnessed the crime and they were able to give the police the criminal’s description. I was 99% sure that Tom Hanks was not outside of my building that morning, but there was only one way to find out.