Zane Meyers just might be the best filmer in the fixed gear industry. He finds a way to create a world within a video and I always love his work. I wish more people would drop the $25 and buy a copy of Can’t Fool The Youth because if you love FGFS it is the film to own. Boothby’s Back, , Boothby’s Back, got all these white boys yelling Boothby’s back. Okay Boothby didn’t really go anywhere, as a matter of fact you might have seen him in one of the 200 edits that came out for the Epic Skate park Comp two weeks back. I just really like Josh Boothby, both as a rider and also as a human being. If Boothby ran for California Governor I would vote for him. Not because I think he is qualified for the job, but just because I like him. He has one of those personalities where everyone he encounters wants to be his friend. He is not accepting anymore friends at this time, I know I have been trying to be his friend for about a year. When I met him at Red Bull’s Ride n Style I was like, “Yo Boothby you are so dope that if you ever quit riding FGFS and put out a rap album people would buy that shit, no lie.” He gave me a weird look that to some would think might have been the “who the hell is this guy” look. It wasn’t. It was the “Damn this guy is as cool as me look.” That’s why we haven’t hung out. I think he thinks that I am going to steal his cool. I am not. I do not want to be the man Boothby. I just want to be the man behind the man. I would even be the Man behind the man who is standing behind Zane Meyers. Maybe I just need to start out smaller and work my way up to being Boothby’s friend. Like maybe I could be his official tire inflator. I could follow him around with a Tire pump and anytime his tire psi dropped below 40 I would quickly run over and pump them back up. Or maybe I could be the dude in the crew that stands in the street and watches for traffic and gives the all clear when it’s empty. Maybe if I play my cards right I could become the second camera man. You know that guy. He is the one who has the second angle on certain shots. Out of the 80 clips used in an edit that guy might have 3 clips, but they are important clips damn it. As you can see I have put a lot of sleepless nights in thinking about this, but the other night everything because clear. I am not really sure how, it was just a normal night. There I was sitting alone in the dark reading this book Catcher In The Rye and it hits me. Maybe I could KILL Josh Boothby. People always remember you if you kill someone important. Like that guy who shot Abraham Lincoln,. You know, what’s his name. Or the guy who shot JFK. Even They guy who shot John Lennon. All those guys made it into history books. People talk about those guys all the time. Just the other night I was at the bar and I was having a conversation with myself about this very subject. I went back and forth, but eventually both Myself and I felt this might be the best thing to do. I mean if anything Boothby kinda deserves to die for making all those people who leave comments on his videos sick. What kind of a man puts out videos that make people who post comments about how that video made them sick? A DEAD MAN, THAT’S WHO! Boothby has a tattoo on his arm that reads “Death or Glory”, looks like it’s going to be death Boothby.