This is exactly what we have been talking about, Bomb Hills Speed Kills decided to cruise down to the Shredwell 2 Premiere at iMinusD and while there they grabbed some footy on their Go Pro. That’s it people, that is all you have to do. Content is content. Doesn’t matter if you have the best camera in the world or an iPhone, all that matters is that you are capturing what is going on. You are showing the world something that they missed out on. People either don’t waste the time to produce anything, or they hold on to footage for way too long. How do I know this? Check out how many filmers are filming this thing! In this video I counted 8 other filmers. All of them were catching clips, but where the hell are their edits??? Some of these filmers were even up in the action with nice DSLR’s and fish-eye lenses but, how long is it going to take to see that footage? A week? Two weeks? You gotta have commitment when you are filming, 24 hour turnaround, 48 hours maximum. The event happened on Saturday. Here we are Monday evening and Bomb Hills Speed Kills is the only peeps dropping an edit. Well done my friend I was excited to see what went down. This is why dudes don’t film. You gotta be on the grind. You gotta hustle. You gotta not sleep. It’s way easier to just start a blog and post pictures. Posting a picture and writing about said picture takes a matter of seconds. Here case and point, I will time myself…better yet, I will have another writer time me so it’s honest. I am going to quickly search the internet, find some pictures of shit happening in the fixed gear world and write a quick snippet about them. The average blog does about 5 posts a day, so I will set my target at 5 fake posts. Ready…..GO!

Oh snap Matt Spencer aka WOLFDRAWN caught this awesome photo of Joe Mckeag doing a wall plant. Did he ride away from the wall plant? I dunno it’s just a picture. The important thing is that Joe’s face resembles that of an old Japanese man, see reference pic below.

Wait…maybe that is this old Japanese guy. Damn if this old Japanese guy could wallplant that would be dope.

Have you ever wanted to carry a bike frame or and extra wheel set around for an extended period of time? Why not right? Hahaha, get it? YNOT just dropped this bag called the Cobra which can do that very thing. Looking at the picture you might realize that the extra wheel set the model in the ad is carrying is a 700c wheel set and he is riding a 26′ Concept FGFS frame. So yes, those wheels he is carrying are not for him. He might be bringing them to a coffee shop to sell them to a guy who hit him up on craigslist, which could make sense. In which case the $120 he is going to get from that guy for those rims will help him pay some of the $289 price tag for this bag, it does come in Camo. Know what would make more sense? A backpack that could carry a shit ton of guns. Why? If the Walking Dead has taught me anything it’s that the dude with the most guns always wins.

I’m not fucking with the guy wearing this backpack. This bag holds up to 4 handguns and a shit ton of Ammo. Come on, you kinda wish you had one right?

Yes, part of the fun of riding your bike is that you are not stuck indoors, but have you ever thought about the people watching you ride? You think they just want to stand outside doing nothing while you sprint by? No! What if you could find a way to prove you are the fastest rider in town, while also allowing the people watching to drink beer. It’s called a Gold Sprint, you hook up some bikes to some trainers and people duel it out. Little known fact Chris Hoy has never won a race against another opponent on a trainer. Why? Probably because it’s nothing like real track racing. Gold Sprints is to Track Racing what Guitar Hero is to actually playing a guitar. But hey everyone else gets beer, so that is a plus. Now if we did FGFS Gold Sprints that would be dope. Ever seen how low the seat is on a FGFS bike? Imagine trying to race on that.

Just got a pair of these Road Bike Shoes in the mail. They hit me up to do a review. At first I was skeptical so I asked them some questions. You guys know that I don’t race professionally right? They did. You are also aware that I have never won a race…ever? Yes they were. You also know that I am a little out of shape so I can’t really put in the miles that most riders will? Yes they understand. Than why do you want me to do a review about road shoes? They told me it was because of the amount of people that read the blog. They just wanted me to give a review as a form of advertising, and the deal was I get a free pair of shoes. I have no moral fiber, so why not. These are great, they have air holes on the sides so my feet don’t sweat. They are made of a supple leather skinned from the youngest of cows put to slaughter, and hipsters give me high fives when I ride by. Also the logo matches a PBR can so that is always a plus. The real reason you should buy these is because I am honest with my reviews. I mean you have read all of the bad reviews I have done about products right? Wait…What do you mean I haven’t done any bad reviews? That doesn’t make sense. How can I give you an honest opinion on a product if I have never said one is bad? All these people email me pictures of products, what would you have me do, tell the truth? Tell you not to buy them? Than those people wouldn’t be my friends anymore. I got picked on a lot in high school and I now have a problem psychologically if people do not like me, so for the love of God buy these shoes.

Bridgestone just dropped this sick frame set. Just ignore the fact that Bridgestone has just agreed to plead guilty and to pay a $28 million criminal fine for its role in conspiracies to rig bids and to make corrupt payments to foreign government officials in Latin America related to the sale of marine hose and other industrial products manufactured by the company and sold throughout the world. I mean it sells for $3,800, other riders and going to get a fixie boner when they see you riding around town on this bad boy.

Don’t buy that last frame I just showed you, buy this frame instead. Why? I dunno, I just like posting pictures of frames and tell you to buy them because I think they are cool. Also they took the time to email me and ask me to post a picture of their frame and tell you to buy it. Besides this one only costs $2,300.

Forget those last two bikes I just showed you, this one is way better. I forget why. Actually, I am just hoping that you don’t notice that all of these posts are just trying to sell you something. I mean I am not showing you these bikes is action through a video. I am just showing you a picture and telling you it’s sick. I haven’t even seen this bike in person. I just think it’s sick based on the same picture you are looking at. With my non existent knowledge of frame building, I can tell that this bike was crafted from the best materials.

22 MINUTES! Sorry, I would have tried to throw some humor in, but I was pressed for time. Also, I am just harassing people, please don’t go and cry about it. Real men don’t cry, they get drunk and rant on Twitter.