We all know Matt Reyes can ride; film; edit; save starving children in Africa; cure global warming; knit while running; post shit up on Wheel Talk; disarm a bomb using only a 6mm Allen key and a Pedro’s tire lever; powder coat your frame to match the black eye he just gave you; tweet while texting; and hold his breath for exactly 7 minutes and 42 seconds, but that’s what most people know.

People don’t know, that he is a world renown finger painter. People don’t know, that he only sleeps 1 hour a week and when he does sleep it’s in a chair. People don’t know, that in between riding and filming he uses his free time to decode Russian codes for the CIA. I recently found out that he once defended a small Peruvian village from a swarm of killer bees with only a Chrome Delta Bag and a baseball hat (you would be amazed at how many killer bees fit in a chrome delta bag). He speaks 7 languages, 1 he invented during a long car trip from San Jose to Seattle. He rejected Lindsey Lohan…twice! Once before she was on drugs! He is considered a Saint in the Catholic Religion. Just Google “Saint Matt”. No one knows that he owns his own body piercing studio in Los Angeles. Along the way I realized, that there is a lot of things that people don’t know about Matt Reyes. And do you know why? Because he is a humble man. He doesn’t run around talking about his accomplishments. For example, the Gold Medal he won in the Beijing Olympics for full contact Origami. He doesn’t brag about how he created a new kind of Velcro that doesn’t make noise when pulled apart…silent Velcro. He never tweets about  how lucky Specialized is to have him on the team. He never updates his status on Facebook that tells people to buy the P.Fix. His identity is unknown, when volunteering at the Chrome Store in SF sewing messenger bags. Every time we hang out (which is never), I always ask him why. “Why Matt? Why are you so humble? You are too awesome to be humble about all the things you do.” And do you know what he tells me?

He says, “Matt Reyes can either be a man made of flesh and bone or Matt Reyes can be an idea. A man can be killed but, an idea can change the world.”

He is right. He is always right. He is Matt Reyes.