Someone should explain to Marco Marquez from Royal HC the definition of throwaway footage. From the very start of this video I was blown away. If this is throwaway for Marco, I wonder what he is keeping for his next edit? It’s the old idea, “one mans trash is another mans treasure.” I never understood what that meant until I broke up with my first girl friend in high school. I was dating this girl Kim and all of my friends wanted to hook up with this chick. I’ll be honest I wasn’t even that into her, I just went after her because all of my friends thought she was hot, and I wanted to show them up and be the first to hook up with her. Well that hook up turned into her becoming my first girl friend. In high school I hate when people get into relationships, and if you are in high school and you read these articles I will clue you in as to why. You are going to change once you get out of high school. So that girl you are dating now that you think it the greatest girl in the world is going to be one of many girls you end up in a relationship with before you get to the point of getting married. I knew this in high school and all I wanted to do was hook up with as many girls as possible before I graduated. I screwed up a ended up ina relationship. Luckily Kim was just like every other girl in the world and complete nuts. Girls are crazy, and the older they get, the crazy they become. Kim had a bunch of issues and it drove me up the wall. She must have been bipolar because one minute she was happy and the next minute she was crying. Crazy I tell you!!! So i did what any good boyfriend would do when your girl friend is clearly going threw some mental distress; I dumped her. It was the right decision, and even though she would leave me messages crying on my answering machine for me to take her back I just couldn’t do it. You think the time I spent with Kim would end there, but it didn’t. A friend of mine David started dating Kim about 3 weeks after I broke up with her. At first he was scared to tell me. He felt bad. I didn’t understand why, Kim was crazy, he was more than welcome to date her. When he finally did tell me he said in the conversation, “I know I shouldn’t have dated her since you already did, but I think I am in love with her.” Come again? “I fell in love with her the minute I saw her.” He told me. I laughed. I mean Kim was crazy, but my buddy David didn’t seem any saner. I figured they were perfect for each other, and for the next 8 years they were. They got married right out of high school, and 10 months later, even though David swore he always used protection, they welcomed a daughter into the world. Maybe my trash was Davids treasure? Like I said everything was great for the next 8 years, but as I told you before Kim was crazy. David and Kim got Divorced after 8 years of being together in a crazy turn of events. David came home from work one day and log on to the family computer. Kim’s facebook page was up, and even though he swears he didn’t, David did some snooping. Kim apparently was friends with this guy around David’s age who happened to live right down the street from them. He thought it was weird because he had never met the guy, but Kim and this guy seemed to exchange facebook messages for the past 4 years. At the time David didn’t stop to do the math; but when your wife is exchanging messages on facebook with a man you have never met for the last 4 years, and you just happen to have a 4 year old child you might want to do a little math. David clicked over to this guys profile and rifled through some of his photos. He noticed in one of them that this guy had a fully restored Dodge Charger. David had recalled passing a house everyday on the way to and from work with that exact same car in the driveway. Things were taking a turn for the worst. Now to this day David says he wasn’t jealous, he just wanted to know who this guy was. Regardless of the why, David jumped in his car and head over to this guys place. He said he just wanted to talk to the guy. The baseball bat in his back seat said otherwise. Upon his arrival all questions were immediately answered. As David pulled up to this guys house Kim was exiting the front door. Some thing happened, which I will not get into, but needless to say I get a call to bail David out of jail later that evening. All said and done a couple months later David was Divorced, and a few weeks after that the DNA test results he was no longer a father. I wish the story would stop there, but it doesn’t. Kim ends up marrying this new guy and they end up having 2 more kids. A couple of years later Kim is caught in bed with yet another guy, and she was on her way to her second divorce. I wish that was where it stopped, but unfortunately Kim’s new husband didn’t believe in baseball bats, he believed in guns. He is serving life in prison for murder. I understand the idea behind, “one mans trash is another mans treasure”, but sometimes, “one mans trash is also another mans trash.”