I’ve been really tired lately. I am not sure why, but for some reason it feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. That being said Devin brought me up a today seeing this edit. Devin’s inventive style lends to an array of tricks on obstacles that most would think impossible to hit. My personal favorite is his different approaches to stairs. He brings something different to the table and that is always refreshing.

Back to me being tired. Like I said for some reason everything that could go wrong, is. It makes it really hard to stay motivated. That being said I am a man and I just need to keep moving forward and push all that negativity back into a place deep in the back my mind where I forget it is there. Why? Because that is what men do. Men don’t bitch; at least they shouldn’t. Men keep walking forward. Men push on. Men do not fixate. Most importantly, men do not have crisis’. A guy I know is suffering from what he calls an identity crisis. He dropped out of college because he doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. He moved in with his girlfriend because he can’t afford to pay his own rent. When I heard this story I think the person telling me was expecting me to show some form of compassion. I didn’t. I called him a BITCH. Why? Because men do not have crisis’! Do you realize that tomorrow the world could break out into war? Tomorrow an asteroid could smack into the Atlantic ocean. Tomorrow your miserably, waste of a life could end. Those are crisis’! Dropping out of college because you have no idea what you want to be is not a crisis’. That’s like calling a scrapped knee a “BATTLE SCAR”. The men of the world today are really boarding on the line of being given the right to be called a man. The men of yesteryear hustled there asses off supporting 6 kids, a wife, and all of the bills. That was a man’s job. Back in those days women didn’t work, they stayed at home and took care of the children. Men needed to be providers. Hundreds of years before that men found that same role, only instead of paying the mortgage, they were out in the wild hunting dinner. What about the men of today? Are they really putting food on the table? Are they hustling? Most are just bitching about problems, and complaining that, “the world is never going to change.” It’s not going to change because you are a bitch and the only time the world ever changed is when MEN gathered together and rode off to certain death to change it. Really!?! Identity Crisis!?! You probably piss sitting down like a girl. Man Up!