Wheel Talk and Matt Reyes seem unstoppable lately. Wheel Talk is no longer a website, Wheel Talk has just become a movement. We need a bunch of Wheel Talk T-Shirts hitting the streets. I need to see stickers everywhere. I need to see some Wheel Talk Tattoos in my life. I want a picture of Matt Reyes’ face on a t-shirt with the slogan “Yes We Can” written underneath. I am going to throw this out there and if you don’t like it, feel free to throw it on back. I believe that Matt Reyes is saving FGFS. I know riders are getting better and more companies are popping up everyday, but at the end of it all most companies are hurting. The money just isn’t there…unless you’re Pure Fix. Actually, some could argue that they are doing poorly because of Pure Fix. Pure Fix is the Walmart of fixed gears. “Wait did he just dis one of his own advertisers?” Nope. I don’t deal with the advertising on this website and further more we don’t charge for advertising. So, I can’t really get in trouble. Besides it’s called Journalistic Integrity. It means that as a writer you put your opinions above everything else. You cannot be bought. I am broke so I know that no one has bought me. Someone should give Matt Reyes a big check though.

Quick Sidebar: if you are over the age of 18 it is never acceptable to spell though as Tho. It doesn’t make you cool, it just explains why you are currently taking classes at a junior college and your girlfriend’s parents keep telling her she can do better. And she can do better because you can’t even spell.

Actually that gets me thinking about a lot of things that adults shouldn’t do…which means if you are over 18 you should pay attention to these things.

Adults should not get angry if someone does not like a certain genre of music. It’s called freedom of choice. This is not Nazi Germany.

Adults should not wear any t-shirts that has a logo on it; unless the company is giving them to you for free/discount. Yes, you might love a company and want to support it, but they don’t support you. It’s purely one sided. Why is someone going to pay you when you are willing to do something for free? Think about it.

Adults shouldn’t give other adults advice unless they ask you for it. No exceptions…EVER. Your life is just as fucked up as your friends and you are in no position to lend advice to ANYONE until you get your shit together. Finding Jesus is NOT getting your shit together!

Adults should never under any circumstances, live with their parents. Step one of being an adult is learning how to stand on your own two feet. Exception for this rule is that you are allowed to OCCASIONALLY call your parents and ask for money. But in this case it must be a loan and you must pay it back. Have some pride in yourself.

Adults should never pay to go to a concert. There are plenty of great bands in your local area who need support and play free shows. If a band or artist really wanted you at their show they wouldn’t charge you.

Adults should never lend an opinion about a subject in which they are unversed. If you do not know how to build a bike frame from scratch, you should not call one ugly. Same goes for shouting at the tv when an athlete screws up. You can’t play professional football, so in no way are you educated enough to tell a player through the TV that “he should’ve caught that!” etc.

Adults should never take their own self portrait. Instead you should ask yourself, why no one you know is willing to take your picture. Also, arms length is not the optimal distance for a self portrait.

Adults should never refer to an instagram picture as “artsy.” It’s Instagram… that’s the point and anyone can do it.

Adults should never have arguments with their significant other online. Facebook and Twitter are not forums to have an argument. If you can’t even be in the same room when having an argument, or wait until you are in the same room to argue, than you might as well just go on a talk show and get paid to look like an ass.

Adults should never watch MTV, that’s right I said it! If you really want to kill your brain cells acid works at a much faster rate.

Adults should never clap. People no longer need celebration aloud. Instead, if someone wins an award or something that typically results in clapping, think positive thoughts and remain silent. “Clap in your mind.” After all … this is 2013.

Adults should never wear primary colors. These colors have been around for centuries. They were discovered by cavemen. We need to evolve and select the colors of the future.

Adult men should never own a cat. You are not a woman … enough said.

Adults should never wear hats. Hats were designed to shield our eyes from the sun. We have now invented sunglasses which accomplishes this more effectively making hats obsolete. Furthermore, hats display to people in other countries how low our countrymen’s IQ’s really are indicating that they cannot figure out how to properly wear a hat. They either end up wearing it backwards or some other incorrect way.

Adults should never wear beanies. This is only because some adults cannot seem to figure out what temperature is optimal for beanie wearing. I will help you out. If you do not need gloves to keep your hands warm it is NOT beanie temperature.

Adults should never complain about the city they live in. If you do not like the city in which you currently reside, you are always welcome at anytime to move. If you do move and then proceed to complain about your new city I have an answer for you. It is not the city … it is you … and the problem that you keep running into every time you move is that YOU bring YOURSELF along.

Adults should never tell other adults what to do…EVER…wait…what…fuck! Why they hell did I just write all of this shit!?! Stupid fucking rules!