Royal HC swung for the fences getting JBALL and Elliot in this edit! This is one of the best pieced together FGFS edits that I have seen in a while. Yes we get awesome Matt Reyes edits every month, but that is one man doing his thing. It is very refreshing to see that there are other great filmers and edits out there down to film FGFS. It is really about moving into the future. I love that line, “moving into the future”. Businesses miss that every single day. See years ago before the internet the only way someone could find a particular business was to use this thing call the “Phone Book” also known as the “Yellow Pages”. This book would show up on your door every couple of months and you could flip through the different categories to find businesses. I know it sounds low budget. It was. It was the easiest way that you could find some form of specialty store in your local city. If businesses in that city were really wealthy they might run a local commercial. A local commercial only played on TV sets within your certain area. You always knew it was a local commercial because the quality was for shit, and the sounds was always terrible. Hey advertising is advertising. Now we have the internet and instead of paying for a local commercial we film videos and host them online and they do the same thing. Some businesses understand this concept and realize that this is the new TV. Others are still stuck in the past and cannot fathom the reach that an internet video can touch. An internet video can be viewed all over the world at anytime of the day, 365 days out of the year…FOR FREE! As a business or company you need to focus on the free part. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t any cost to you. If you are smart you are going to find and pay for a good filmer and editor. See putting out a shit video on the internet does the same thing that putting out a shit local commercial did back in the 80’s and 90’s. It doesn’t help your business. If I watch a video and at the end of it I think, “I could have done that.” It is not doing what it is supposed to do. On the other hand, if I watch a video online and walk away with amazement it not only makes me think that the filmer and editor did a great job, it also makes me think that the company behind the edit must be doing really well to afford filming of that caliber. It’s the new business card. If I handed you my name and number scribbled on a piece of paper and told you that my business was doing well you would no doubt think that I am lying. At the same point if I handed you a business card made out of gold harvested from the fires of Mt. Doom you would think my business was the one that rules them all. See how that works. In the business world they call this ROI which stands for Return On Investment. When a business invests money into something like filming an edit they are hoping that the edit will lead to future product sales. So if they spend $1000 on an internet video they are normally looking for a 110% ROI. So they are hoping that they spend $1000, and make $11,000 in sales. Did Royal HC spend any money to make this edit happen? I have no idea, maybe they just have some homies that know how to film, but the idea still remains. You watch this edit and you walk away thinking Royal HC must be successful at what they do. Which means that the products they make must be amazing. They make straps. Looking at this video as compared to others they have put out in the past, they must be amazing straps and be selling better than crack in a project building. This is all thanks to the filmers and editors of this video. I take the time to point this out because the filmers and editors never great the praise they deserve. When we watch video we always praise the rider for the tricks they do. We never take the time to praise the dude who made that rider look great on film. Easiest way to prove that it is partly the filmer who deserves praise in any edit is when you as a rider travel to a location you watched in a video. When you show up at that stair set, or ledge that looked crazy in some edit and realize that it is half the size of what it appeared to be in the edt you quickly realize the magic the people behind the lenses add to edits. These guys murdered this edit. And after it was all said and done, the humble men that they are, thanked JBALL and Elliot for allowing them to film them. Mad Respect guys.