WOLFDRAWN is back with another edit this time around featuring Elliot Milner. Milner is one of the newest additions to the UNKNOWN Bike Co team from a couple of months back, and from what I took away from this edit it looks like he is earning his spot. Now onto other things. Watching this edit I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why the fuck is that rail there!?!” If you paid close attention in that video, or to our screen shot you may have noticed a rail that Elliot hits several times over that is in the middle of a grass field…WHY!?! The “WHY” is something that might haunt your dreams for the next couple of weeks. Did someone fall there and the city decided that a rail might prevent future injuries? Was it supposed to be paved and the funding fell though and all they were able to install was the rail before the money ran out? Is there some street artists who instead of tagging walls, installs artistic rails in random places? WHY THE FUCK IS THAT RAIL THERE!?! What kind of sick joke is this? Does it bother anyone else? It bothers the fuck out of me that a useless rail exists. It was bothering me so much earlier that I started randomly smashing my dishes on the floor. My wife came home and started screaming at me. She left me no other choice but to keep punching her until she shut up. I did it for her own good (we making domestic violence jokes now). If beating my wife after smashing all of dishes wasn’t bad enough, the whole time I was beating her my dog kept barking at me. After I was done with her I had to give him a couple good punches before he shut up (yeah we are still going with this). Seriously though, this fucking rail is more random than the Mexicans getting so enraged about Gob’s Chicken Dance. Right!?!