TRICKCAT this Sunday in Sacramento, CA



TRAFIK | Burner Bag

TRAFIK just dropped by far the best hip pouch I have ever seen. Check the press release below!

Fixed gear culture is all about self-expression. Why not wear your creativity on your hip? TRAFIK presents the new Burner Bag. Paint it. Tag it. Bomb it… Do You.

The TRAFIK Burner Bag is a hip pouch/tool bag that was designed to be drawn on, painted, stickered, and sprayed… just about anything works on this bag. The Burner Bag is made from weatherproof Cordura with a special white vinyl front that is your canvas. It has a ton of interior space for all your essentials, industrial grade velcro closures, a secret pocket for your money, keys, stash, whatever, large (2.5 in) belt loops, plus sewn in 3M reflective strips so cars see you at night.

This hip bag is made to be used and abused, then used again…Want to change up your artwork? Just buff it out and throw up a new piece. Write a message to the drivers behind you, catch a tag, sticker bomb the sh*t out of it. Make a statement. It’s time for you to be the designer… Do You.

The TRAFIK Burner Bag comes with our Signature Black Reflective Decal + some other stickers we’ll throw in to get you started.

Get the TRAFIK Burner Bag now!

Handmade in L.A. by FAMLI Straps, so you know it’s great quality.

• 1,000 denier weatherproof Cordura outer shell and interior
• Secure internal pocket with tough Velcro closures
• 2.5 in. loops designed to accommodate large belts
• 13oz. white vinyl front – your canvas
• 3M reflective strips on top and bottom
• Nylon 69 thread

Dimensions: 8.5” wide, 5.5” high, 3” deep (That’s what she said)
Volume: 140 cubic in. / 77 Fluid Ounces

Visit the Shop to get your Burner Bag!

State Bicycle Co. | Jemson

State Bicycles has a lot of really great looking fixed gears for great prices. This is a quick look at one of their newer models the JEMSON. All of their completes retail for $429 and they give you free handle bar options choices, from highrise, bullhorn, and drop bars. It’s the little added touches like this thank make me a fan of State Bicycles. I currently have a Culprit that I use for tricking around town, along with my other fixed gear used for heavy riding. If you got some time on your hands go check out their website, who knows maybe you’ll be riding a new bike by next week. They recently did a collab with the One Hundreds too, pics below.



Strada Customs

Right in the heart of Little Italy and Soho in Manhattan, NY you’ll find Strada Customs. A Fixed Gear shop dedicated to giving their customers a 100% custom fixed gear. How? You pick out every color for every component and they build it up for you. The kicker; it’s a flat price. You pick out an all black fixed gear, or a fixed gear comprised of 9 different colors and the cost is the same. Strada is focusing on giving you a 100% custom fixed gear, and they know that custom shouldn’t cost you more money. Part of the fixed gear experience is customizing the components on your bike to make it specific to your personality. Your fixed gear shows other fixed gear riders your personality before you have even spoken a word. I have friends that have setup their colorways on their fixed gear to match their favorite sports team, their college colors, state flag, countries flag, favorite comic book character, album cover, or some concoction of artistry. Why would you want to ride the same fixed gear 20 other guys in your city are riding? You don’t, and it is great to see a shop in NYC giving the customers a true bike building experience. You have to remember, for most bike shops you only get 3 models of fixed gears to choice from. If your lucky the you bike shop has 2 colors of those 3 models. It’s called pigeon hole selling. A shop opens an account with one brand, that brand offers 2 fixed gear models, those models come in 3 different colorways, giving the shop a possible 6 different bikes they can sell. Problem that most businesses have is every customer needs a different sized bike. For a bike shop each of those 2 models comes in 6 different sizes. You have to stock every size or you will not be able to fit all of the riders that walk into the store. It’s basic math, 2 models x 3 colorways = 6 bikes, 6 bikes x 6 sizes = 36 bikes, at $300 wholesale you have just spent $10,800 to have 1 color of every size of every model. THAT’S IT! You need to have more that just 1 quantity of each size, but it is already getting expensive. So most shops limit your colorways so they can stock more quantities of sizes, giving the customer the choice between the blue bike, and the purple bike in their size. You chose blue over purple, and so do 5 other people at next thing you know you have the same fixed gear as 5 other people, and that might just be in 1 day of business for that bike shop. Give it 6 months and you have the same exact bike as 300 people in your city. Not very original right? I’ve noticed this, and Strada noticed this. I complained about it; Strada built a store. Me = 0, Strada Customs = 1. If your in NYC be sure to stop by and check these guys out, or check out their website.


CHROME had professional bike messenger Steve Tortorelli test out their new outerwear the Chrome Storm. We just posted an edit yesterday saying that we wished more companies would make videos about their products and of course Chrome was already 1 step ahead of us with this. The outerwear looks great and from the video you can see it holds up. My favorite part is that Chrome Trademarked the name Storm. Trademarking is something that every company should be doing. Even here at fixiefamous we trademarked fixiefamous. I even did a little research into the whole trademarking process. I hit up one of our CEO’s Jesse and asked him how much it cost to trademark fixiefamous. He responded back via email, “you are not going to post this on the site, right?” I in turn told him I wouldn’t, and he told me it cost around $1500 to trademark it. He also said prior to that they spent $800 with a trademark lawyer to first research the name to make sure that none else has already trademarked it, or were in the process of trademarking it. That is crazy! All major companies trademark their products. I even found out that sometimes if you are smart enough you can trademark a product so well that people think that you name brand is what you call the product. I will better explain that. Band-Aid is not the technical name of a bandage. The technical name is just bandage. Band-Aid is just 1 companies name, but they did such a great job with trademarking and marketing that you think all bandages are called Band-Aids. When you cut yourself you always ask someone, “do you have a Band-Aid.” That is amazing. Same thing goes for Kleenex, Chapstick, Crock Pot, Scotch Tape, Bubble Wrap, Rollerblades, Kotex, Q-tip, White Out, Frisbee, Jell-O, JumboTron, Post-its, Speedo, Tupperware, and Ziploc. They are all just brand names of a product, but when we as consumers refer to the product we use the brands name, not the products. Chapstick actually came out way after lip balm was invented, but they did such a great job with marketing that they were able to switch how people refereed to the product. If you are going to start a brand you need to get that trademarking in order. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with Chrome or their new outerwear, but it still is information worth knowing. Besides that is the best part about posting a video instead of a picture. I don’t have to tell you anything about the product because the video has done that for me.

Leader Bikes Rider Nick Ramirez | Gutter Butter Wax

Leader Bikes rider Nick Ramirez gives us a nice breakdown on his wax company Gutter Butter Wax. When you are looking to buy a product it helps to use the product that the guy better than you uses. It is even better if he develops his own wax. Nick kills it as a person and on a fixed gear, so if you need a good ledge wax give him the support he deserves. #RNS

King of Vegas Race | by Trafik | fixiefamous | Jetforce | State Bicycles | Pure Fix | Social Cross

Every year at this time, Las Vegas becomes the focus of the Bike Universe for INTERBIKE, the end all, be all of bike conventions. And you know what that means…masses of cyclists leaving home to test their strength and endurance against riders from across the globe. This year TRAFIK and Jetforce are proud to present THE KING OF VEGAS RACE!

Thursday, September 20th, 10pm
START & FINISH at the Sands Expo Center (Interbike)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Fixed & Road – Men & Women’s Divisions

Check out the FACEBOOK EVENT page HERE!!!

The title of KING & QUEEN of Vegas will be given to the 1st Male and 1st Female who cross the line and present their completed manifest, regardless of bike type. They will split the CASH PRIZE!

1st Fixed (Men’s & Women’s) wins a $50 BONUS! Word.

This will be a challenging yet fun race through the streets and back alleys of Las Vegas. Get ready to hit some popular spots, out of the way stretches and the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. Jetforce won the race last year and, by tradition, has designed a course worthy of the crown.

The checkpoints will be announced before the start. Racers must return to the finish with each checkpoint marked off their manifest in order to place. There is no set route. Checkpoints will be manned by race marshals. A commemorative manifest/map will be provided to each racer, but they are limited so get there early.

Thanks to our great sponsors:
State Bicycle
Pure Fix Cycles
Engine 11
Roadrunner Bags
White Lightning
KNICE Clothing
Famli Straps

More sponsors TBA! If you are interested in sponsoring this race hit us up at

Disclaimer – All race participants assume full personal liability if racing in this event. This is not a closed course. There are inherent dangers in street racing and the organizers and/or sponsors will not be liable for any and all injuries which may occur. Ride at your own risk. Ride within your abilities. Helmets and lights are required. Be safe and have fun.

Pias | finally available in the USA | TRAFIK x SUMVELO

Not only is the price going to blow you away (it’s a steal), Trafik Pictures the makers of “To Live and Ride in LA” have teamed up with Sumvelo; one of the leading voices in global fixed-gear culture to bring the PIAS framset to the USA for the first time! The PIAS is an aggressive, NJS inspired track frame that is at home on the velodrome or in the city streets. TRAFIK is proud to now offer the PIAS to riders who want a true track frame made from high-quality materials. Available now at


After long awaited , the production model of Machete Slayer Bar is finally out!! 
Being well tested by well-known riders like Corey San Agustin the Pissy , Anotonyo Worthe , Packy Golan , Chu and more.
They comes out super fresh , good and real solid!! The production model are now in Ed Black , Chrome and a exclusive limited colorway Shockin Green!
With laser cut Machete logo on it which is designed by the famous FGFS fam Wrahw main mang Torey Thornton!! So you know what’s good!!
We are looking a right Distributor / Dealers in the US and other country. Please feel free to contact us at if you are interested!! 
And official online store is coming soon this week!! Stay tuned!!

Forest Parker X Raw Legends

Raw Legends presents Forest Parker in the first of the rider profile series. We follow Forest Parker riding around his house in downtown San Francisco. Visit RawLegends to check out the new Summer 2012 line!
Special Appearance by Matt Reyes.

Ed Wonka Rides the Chrome Delta: San Jose, CA

Wonka showing off Chromes new Delta backpack. He also slays a multi kink rail sick clip. Check out this video of Wonka shredding the streets of San Jose riding the new Delta backpack.

Filmed by Colby Elrick
Edited By Corbin Dahl

Special thanks to Anthony Combs

Unknown Bike ASIAN FIT frame with PlanetHops JW

Unknown Bike ASIAN FIT frame with PlanetHops JW from KS Yun on Vimeo.

This ad made me smile this morning. Unknown bikes Asian fit frame I am not sure this name is P.C. Or this could be stereotyping at it’s finest. Either way the ad for the frame was awesome I still think they could just call it an XS FGFS frame. Props to Unknown bikes for the bold new Asian FGFS frame.



The peeps over at LDG have put together a tough little tool. This tool covers all your basic needs for your bike as well as open beer bottles. What more could you ask for?

Our new LDG ADAMANTIUM Multi-Tool features 17-4 Stainless Steel that is rigorously heat treated for unparalleled strength.
Featuring a 14MM, 15MM and LDG specific tri-lock ring teeth pattern, this tool allows proper torquing of LDG lock rings without having to worry about stripping the cutouts. We’ve designed this tool specifically for use with our proprietary lock ring cutouts to apply more torque dispersed over a wider area.
Don’t be caught using cheap tools that bend!



Saturday the 30th ZLOG will be hosting an alleycat race and party in celebration of our 4 year anniversary. It seems like I started this blog just yesterday, but so much has changed in the bike word within those past 4 years. I am proud to be a part of such a supportive bike community. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and followed us along the way!

The race will start at 2:00 at Cal Anderson. $15 gets you race entry, a tee shirt, and a delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The after party will be held at PIRANHA SHOP promptly after all racers finish, where there will be an awards ceremony, a raffle, a screening of some bike videos. Prizes for first fixed & first road. Also, be sure to wear your ZLOG gear because there will be a special prize for the person who reps the most!

Find the Facebook Event page here

#FIXIEFAMOUS x Hold Fast Collab Straps Availible Now!

hold fast straps x fixie famous

Available now is our webstore

Unknown Bikes v3 Promo

I love Unknown Bikes, by far these guys are putting out some of the sickest frames for fixed gears right now! If you have never seen their site of frames I order you to go there right now and give it a look, I promise you will not be disappointed. So Hyped on this company, fucking killing it!


MADE IN THE USA.  using TRUE TEMPER STEEL  I can personally testify that True Temper makes high grade steel products. Super Therm tubing is one of the highest strength to weight ratio steel tubing available.  I guarantee that these SKYLMT SL-1 FRAMES will be strong! I am looking forward to riding one. Get your SKYLMT SL-1 FRAME now!

26″ Frame made in the U.S.A. designed by Tyler Johnson “When we decided to make a SKYLMT frame we knew two things must be true. It needed to be strong and it needed to be light. We have definitely achieved both of those goals with our SL-1 frame.” -Tyler JohnsonSIZE SMALL ONLY. MEDIUM WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON.” -SKYLMT

You could WIN a Custom built set of NMSW Velocity B43′s laced to Victore Cycles HTF Hubs Hand built by Merlyn Mechanics.

Video Contest!

Contest wheelset

Summer is upon us and no time is better than now for a video contest. We are looking for the best fixed gear life and culture video edit. We want you to showcase your city, scene and crew. So dust off those cameras and get to it. Their is no length requirement for submissions. We just want you to rep your city, crew, and fixed gear scene. Show the masses why your scene is better than any other.

All videos must have #fixiefamous logo on the intro of your video submission.

Logo is available HERE

Submitting your video is simple. Upload your submission to your favorite video host; either Vimeo or Youtube; and email link to

All videos will be posted on our video contest page, the video with the most “likes” wins.

All videos Must be submitted by July 15th. Winner of the contest will be announced July 20th on the

 Hand built custom wheels come equip with Victoire Cycles  HTF Balck hubs, Black Velocity B43  rimswith either Black or silver spokes and nipples. Both hubs and rims are 36 hole for the strongest wheelset we can build

Merlyn Mechanics will hand build the wheelset  to your specific needs. Merlyn Townley has 30 years experience in the cycling industry and has worked both as a bicycle mechanic in shops since 1982 and provided neutral support for over 1,000 national and international races, Merlyn has represented companies such as Mavic, Shimano, Pedro’s, Campagnolo and SRAM.

Which scene holds it down the best for the fixed gear community, we are about to find out.

Grand Prize: Custom built set of NMSW Velocity B43′s laced to Victore Cycles HTF Hubs ($500 estimated value) Hand built by Merlyn Mechanics.

Second Place: Custom Pair of #fixiefamous x Hold Fast collaboration pedal straps

Third Place: #fixiefamous T-Shirts and sticker packs (enough to clothe a small army…or crew…whatever)

Urban City Bike Shelves | Short Film on Fixed Gear Bikes

This is one of the best and funniest promotions for a fixed gear cycling product I Have seen. Filming your dad bagging on your passion. I personally think this is a sick promotional idea. Mad props to Urban City Bike shelves.

A short edit on Urban City Bike Shelves. Victor Mastrorocco talks about his son, Matthew Mastrorocco and his fixed gear bike. Victor, who alongside his son, Matthew own & operate a small independent wood shop business out of their garage. In this small wood shop they design bike shelves that are handmade and hand finished, using quality woods such as black walnut, american white walnut, cherry, and white oak. These bike shelves are used to hang your bike up on your wall. Matthew quotes, “I came up with the idea for my own bike, to get my bike up off the floor and make room in my apartment. Living in small apartments i needed as much space as i could get.” To see photo’s, get more info, and or purchase a bike shelf you can visit the official urban city bike shelves website at:

Can’t Fool The Youth: Fixed Gear Freestyle Video Magazine. Teaser 3

With Midwest mayhem3 approaching rapidly our stoke meter is rising. Here is just one more reason to be stoked for MWM3 Can’t fool the youth premier. Can’t wait for a weekend of sick riding and chilling with some beers. Premier should be well worth the wait, definetly looking forward to seeing how the video came together.

Mission Workshop’s Arkiv® Field Packs Offer Rugged Adaptability in Any Situation.

San Francisco, CA, 5/14/12 – Mission Workshop, a leader in the design and development of bags and technical apparel, launches a new modular backpack series utilizing their Arkiv® pouch attachment system. Mission Workshop’s new series features weatherproof construction and an interchangeable accessory system allowing for easy customization of space and organization.
The Field Packs are Arkiv system ready, allowing for the secure and simple attachment of weatherproof accessories to the exterior of the bag. Accessories range from simple cell phone pouches and tool pockets to larger organizers and laptop sleeves. The Arkiv accessories allow for infinitely customizable carry solutions. Changing accessories is as simple as it is intuitive.
“Almost 20 years of designing and building bags has taught us that everyone’s idea of a perfect bag is different. We developed the Arkiv system to solve this issue, creating a product that can be adjusted and arranged to reflect your individual preferences at any given moment. It can also be modified and upgraded as your situation or environment changes.” explains co-founder and designer Mark Falvai.
Mission Workshop products are manufactured in the USA with rugged materials and hardware. All bags are built to last a lifetime, guaranteed.  The pack is fabricated with military spec thread, waterproof urethane zippers, durable 1000 denier nylon exterior and a weatherproof urethane coated nylon liner.  The backpack is reinforced with an LDPE frame sheet for support and protection.
The Field Backpacks are available in two sizes: Large (2,500 + Small (1,250
Retail Price:  Bags starting at $209 and accessories begin at $30
The Arkiv® System is a patent-pending accessory solution.
Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty

Sean Martin for Affinity

Sean Martin talks about riding in Los Angeles, being involved in a hit & run, as well as his team aspirations and Affinity.

Brooklyn Machine Works V2 Gangsta Track Spring Colorways Now Available

Brooklyn Machine Works just dropped their new spring colorways for their V2 Gangsta Frame, and I need that green one in my life. These guys are designed to take a beating and they are sick looking. Big ups for Brooklyn! I rock their headsets on every frame so I can take Brooklyn with me wherever I ride. Grabbing one of these frame asap

Leader Bikes welcomes Alonso Tal

Leader welcome Alonso Tal to the family. Alonso is a fast gun from Los Angeles, California and will soon be hitting the streets on a 735.

Victoire Rear and front low flange hubs.

Looking for a super light low flange hub look no further. Victoire hubs are made  of aero-grade 7075-T6 alloy and use Oversized female axle with custom M10 titanium bolts. These hubs are NICE the splined interface for the cog is bulletproof. If you are looking to build a light FGFS wheelset or any Fixed wheelset you need to check these out.
Low rear Hub

The Low rear hub use the same architecture as our high flanges track hub, but he is lighter than a feather! The final weight with a 14T cog is under 240g. The larger flange diameter on the drive side authorize a good transmission of the efforts and the small flange on the non-drive side keep the weight down.
We designed a splined interface to fix the cog, in order to eliminate the problem of loosened thread on hubs. The interface has 16 splines and no sharp edges to distribute and diffuse the effort on all the surface with no pick concentration. The LOW hubset is available in all the exotic drillings to be used with all the fancy carbon rims.
– Machined and built in France
– Body, axle and spacers CNC machined in solid rounds of aero-grade 7075-T6 alloy
– Oversized female axle with custom M10 titanium bolts
– 120mm spacing
– 6902 2RS bearings
– Low profile body to maximise weight saving
– Unique splined interface for cog
– 44mm chainline
– BSA (left 1.29*24 TPI) lockring
– Available in 20, 24, 28 and 32 spoke holes
– Black and silver finish (custom colors available on request)
– Weight: 235g – 8,3 oz

NEW SADIO SPARK Light hub and BOOSTER Light fork

Spring is here!


New SPARK Low flange hub !!! Lightweight hub with a CNC machined 7075 aluminum hub shell.
Hub guard features a machined from 7075 Aluminum for better sliding and long life.
Available in spring 2012.

sadio booster light fork

The new Sadio booster light fork  features a new tapered leg design. Sadio also completely redesigned coin screw head fork top bolt. Coming soon the new Booster frame.

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